Visiting Google Ireland

Today 13th of Monday, one of my dreams, to visit Google Ireland in Dublin, has come true.

Now I can confirm that all things about Google employees and their live into Google offices are true.

Information: I’m sorry, but I couldn’t take photos in the offices. It’s not allowed. But if you like you can see some public photos about this office.

My Google experience began when I needed to authorize using a digital sign and then I became a Google visitor.

When I passed through the first door I began to observe that all things what you can see and read about advantages of being Google employee are real:
  • All departments (flats) have their own kitchen full of snacks, isotonic drinks, fruit and all kind of food you can imagine free.

  • In the corridors are big sofas with Google colours where you can relax, little boxes where you can make your phone calls free and privately.

  • There is a Gym with all that you need to keep fit and several massage sofas, but if you want there are physical therapists.

  • You can play a lot of games in the different game rooms, for example (billiards, table football, several consoles like Nintendo Wii, Sony Play Station 3 and Microsoft Xbox).

Then, it was time to have lunch. I went to the Google Canteen; today was the Hawaiian food day. There was a Self service with a lot of dishes to choose and if you like you can take it home (If you are a Google employee you don’t need to buy food :) ).

After that, I went to visit the work places; there were a lot of flags from different nationalities. All Google workers had at least 4 screens per person, incredible! They have the most modern Dell screens.

To sum up, only Google can afford this kind of “life style”, because nearly all of their employees are young people who change every one or two years.

Many thanks to Clara and Alvar to permit me visiting Google.

Have you ever been to any Google offices around the World?